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Watch: new clip played on Israeli army bases and sent to new recruits, will raise awareness of the IDF’s official pages online

תאריך: 16/07/2013, 23:00    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

IDF spokesperson Brigade launched today a video explanation for raising summer 2013 for fresh recruits to join the ranks. the clip invites recruits to submit videos, photos and personal stories to be shared with the IDF’s network platforms reflect the experience of the soldiers. Starting from next week sent on text messages to recruits their recruitment day. He later played on screens
Basic television in the country, and distributed to all who serve in the military.

The clip is designed to expose the new recruits and soldiers to its official platform on the Internet. As part of this process will pass all information security credentials and are uploaded to the network to promote the IDF values and improve its image in the local and international scenes.

Currently active Facebook account Israeli army operates approximately 130,000 to shakes, along with Twitter accounts, instagram and YouTube. Content on these platforms are updated regularly and daily and show the Interior of the IDF spokesperson to the public in Israel and around the world.

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