General Provisions

Association of Municipalities Law, 1955
Municipal Corporation Ordinance (New Version)
Local Councils Ordinance (New Version)
* Public Health Ordinance, 1940
Civil Wrongs Ordinance (New Version)
* Abatement of Environmental Nuisances (Civil Action) Law, 1992 Civil Wrongs (Liability of the State) Law, 1952
Penal Law, 1977
* Licensing of Businesses Law, 1968
Road Transport Ordinance (New Version), 1971
Land Law, 1969
Planning and Building Law, 1965

Air and Noise Pollution

* Abatement of Nuisances Law, 1961
Restriction of Smoking in Public Places Law, 1984
* Tel Aviv Power Station Law, 1967
Operation of Vehicles (Engine and Fuel) Law, 1961

Water Quality

* Water Law, 1959
Drainage and Flood Control Law, 1957
Water Drilling Control Law, 1955
Local Authorities (Sewerage) Law, 1962
Fisheries Ordinance, 1937

Marine Pollution

* Prevention of Sea-Water Pollution by Oil Ordinance (New Version), 1980
* Prevention of Sea Pollution (Dumping of Waste) Law, 1983 Petroleum Law, 1952
Ports Ordinance (New Version), 1971
Ports and Trains Authority Law, 1961
* Prevention of Sea Pollution from Land-Based Sources Law, 1988

Solid and Hazardous Waste

* Maintenance of Cleanliness Law, 1984
* Collection and Disposal of Waste for Recycling Law, 1993
* Hazardous Substances Law, 1993
Animal Diseases Ordinance, 1985
Plant Protection Law, 1956
Radioactive Minerals Ordinance, 1974
Civil Defense Law, 1951

Protection of Flora, Fauna and the Natural Environment

Forests Ordinance, 1926
* Streams and Springs Authorities Law, 1965
Mining Ordinance, 1925
Antiquities Law, 1978
* National Parks, Nature Reserves, National Sites and Memorial Sites Law, 1992
Bathing Places Law, 1964
Protection of Wild Animals Law, 1955
Plant Protection (Damage by Goats) Law, 1950
Prevention of Field Fires Law, 1949
Building Refurbishment and Maintenance Law, 1981
* Roads (Affixing of Signs) Law, 1966
* Animal Welfare Law, 1994

* Legislation for which the Ministry of the Environment is wholly or partly responsible