(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat) Jerusalem, 6 November 1994

At the weekly Cabinet meeting today, (Sunday), 06.11.94:

1. The Cabinet ratified the peace treaty between the State of Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

2. Within the framework of the Ministerial Committee on National Security Affairs, the Cabinet was briefed by the Prime Minister and Defense Minister and by other security personnel on various matters.

3. a. The Cabinet decided to open the Tomb of the Patriarchs, while significantly increasing security arrangements both in terms of assigning specially trained security personnel, and in terms of technical and technological measures.

b. In accordance with the new deployment, prayer arrangements will be as follows:

1.The Isaac Hall and the Jawiliyah will be opened to Muslim worshippers.

2. The Jacob Hall, the Abraham Hall and the covered inner courtyard will be opened to Jewish worshippers.

3. Each party, during this stage, will be permitted simultaneous entry of up to 300 persons.

4. During the course of the year, approximately 10 separate prayer days will be allotted to each faith for holiday prayers in all parts of the Tomb.

4. The Cabinet was briefed by the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister on the Casablanca conference its significance, results and implications.

5. The Cabinet approved the proposed Budget Law (number 2) for FY 1994, including an additional outlay of NIS 5,559,900,000; this latter expenditure is intended to address the issues and decisions concerning which there was no knowledge at the time the original 1994 budget was prepared, and to adjust the budget for recently signed wage agreements and for the high level of economic activity (which exceeded expectations) during the budget’s preparation.

6. The Cabinet decided to change Rafael into an entirely state-owned government company. The company will integrate business activity with budgeted operations relating to the national defense infrastructure, with the former not coming at the expense of the latter. After a six-month transition period, the company will begin to function as a ‘going concern.’ Conditions of employment will be determined between the company and the employees, with the approval of the Finance Ministry.