(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat) Jerusalem, 8 September 1994

At the special Cabinet meeting Today, (Thursday), 8.9.94:

1. The Prime Minister responded to announcements in the media regarding the withdrawal on the Golan, and noted that there is no agreement or commitment, towards the Americans or the Syrians, regarding the scope or timing of withdrawal on the Golan.

The principle Israel accepts is as follows:

Israel accepts the principle of withdrawal on the Golan with linkage to the process of normalization of relations with Syria which will be carried out in the following manner:

During the first stage, a slight withdrawal will be carried out, without leaving any settlements. Simultaneously, there will be a full normalization of relations. The normalization will be put to the test for three years, during which there will be no additional withrdrawals and we will remain at the same line. Only following this period, and after normalization will meet the test, will a discussion on the continuation be held.

As was noted previously withdrawal is conditional on a plebiscite.