(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat) Jerusalem, 11 September 1994

At the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday), 11.09.94:

1. Within the framework of the Ministerial Committee on National Security, the Cabinet was briefed on on-going matters.

2. The Cabinet approved, in principle, the request of the United States to send a small contingent of police officers to Haiti on a voluntary basis in order to assist the local police in their supervisory and instructional responsibilities, in the wake of the [US-led] military intervention and the calming of the situation, in accordance with the UN Security Council’s decision.

Final approval will come after the final details are reviewed with the United States administration.

Within the framework of the discussion on the matter, the Prime Minister emphasized that our police contingent will be small and will not be involved in any sort of combat action.

3. The discussion of measures designed to lower prices continued, and decisions were made about the following issues: reductions in the costs of employment; the nominal budget; the import of fruits and vegetables; testing for export permits; and quotas and duties on imported food products.

Regarding policy on standards, the Industry and Trade Minister was charged with the task of presenting the Cabinet with proposals by 15.10.94 to be discussed together with proposals submitted by the Finance Minister.

4. The Cabinet approved the principles of a proposed law to amend the Income Tax Ordinance (taxation of tradable securities). The final draft of the proposed law will be formulated by the Ministerial Committee on Legislative and Law Enforcement Affairs.

5. The Cabinet approved an agreement with the United States on the promotion of American investment in the Autonomy and in the areas of Judea and Samaria.