Jerusalem, 20 October 1994


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At the special Cabinet meeting today, (Thursday) 20.10.94:

1. The Cabinet was briefed by the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, and by security officials, on the terrible attack which occurred yesterday in Tel Aviv.

2. The Cabinet announced that it shares in the sorrow of the families who lost their loved ones and extends its wishes for a complete recovery to the injured.

3. The Cabinet expressed its its deep appreciation to the army and police forces which arrived at the scene and took control of the situation.

4. The security services have foiled attacks planned by HAMAS in the past, and will continue to fight terrorism with all the means at their disposal.

5. The Cabinet expressed its appreciation to the Tel Aviv Municipality for its responsible handling of the situation. HAMAS’ terrible actions, which were carried out in murderous ways which were unprecedented, requires employing a series of new measures which will be focussed against this organization and its totally unrestrained nature.

6. There is an aspect of the struggle against attacks of this sort which is classified, primarily activities of the security services. There is also an open aspect of this struggle, which includes the way in which workers from the territories enter Israel.

7. Regarding the activities of the security services, the Cabinet decided to place the additional means required at their disposal, in order to enable them to expand their activity against HAMAS and its military wing.

8. Regarding the entry of workers from the territories, it was decided to impose an immediate closure for an unspecified length of time. HAMAS is trying, through murder, to harm the peace process, to harm our ability to persevere, and to harm innocent civilians.

9. The peace process will continue, and HAMAS will not dictate its pace or direction.

10. The citizens of Israel have passed difficult tests in the past, and despite the pain, there will be no surrender to terrorist attacks. Terrorism will be defeated just as acts of warfare and violence were overcome in the past.