25 February 1994

– In its meeting today, the government expressed profound shock at the deplorable murder of innocent Palestinians engaged in prayer during the Ramadan fast at the Cave of Machpelah sacred to both religions.

– The govenrent sends condolences to the families of those killed, and wishes a full recovery to the injured. The government decided to compensate the families of the victims.

– The government calls upon all the people, Arabs and Jews, to act with utmost restraint, despite the difficult circumstances.

– The IDF and the security forces are taking all necessary measures to prevent incitement, violence and a worsening of the situation.

During the meeting, the government ministers and the Attorney General raised proposals regarding various measures to deal with extremist Israeli elements, which are a source of incitement in the territories.

The government believes that these elements pose a serious and dangerous disturbance to the public order, and that all legal means must be taken to halt them and restrain them.

Even when dealing with an act of terror carried out by an individual, as occurred this morning in Hebron, we cannot ignore the effect of the incitement voiced publicly from time to time which threatens the safety of the public.

The government directed the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense to examine all the measures proposed in the course of the meeting and to report his decisions to the government on Sunday.

The investigation of the events will be carried out fully.

The government is firm in its commitment to continue the efforts to achieve peace and to advance the peace negotiations, to the best of its ability.