Jerusalem, 27 November 1994


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At the weekly Cabinet meeting today, (Sunday) 27.11.94:

1. Within the framework of the Ministerial Committee on National Security, the Cabinet was briefed by the Prime Minister on his meetings in the United States with American Jewish leaders, with the US President and with senior members of the US Congress. The Committee also received a report on the PM’s meeting with Yasser Arafat in Spain.

2. The Cabinet also was briefed by the PM and security elements on political and security matters. The Cabinet will hold a special meeting dedicated to the matter of negotiations on the start of the interim arrangement with the Palestinians.

3. The Cabinet discussed the draft law on importing frozen meat against the background of complaints by the religious parties concerning infringement of the status quo on the importing of non-kosher meat. Following the meeting, PM Rabin met with the United Torah Judaism Party, and reiterated his commitment, in accordance with the basic guidelines of the Government, to maintain the status quo in religious matters, and especially regarding kashrut and importing meat. The PM committed himself to examine, within two weeks, the necessary steps in this matter, primarily legislative amendments, and to work immediately for their implementation.

4. The Cabinet discussed the development program of the Israel Railway for the year 2000 submitted by the Transportation Minister.

5. The Cabinet ratified the expansion of eligibility for scholarships in the context of existing Government assistance for students in institutions of higher education who are residents of development towns, rehabilitated neighborhoods, and areas of national priority, even if they have not completed mandatory service in the IDF.