Jerusalem, 27 January 1994

(Communicated by the GPO)

* TEL AVIV TO PRODUCE ELECTRIC ENERGY FROM SEWAGE IN NAHAL SOREQ. The Tel Aviv municipality will soon issue a tender for the production of electric energy from the swamp being created by sewage water draining into Nahal Soreq, announced Chairman of the Municipalities Association of the metropolitan Dan region, Benzion Mordov. He noted that Association specialists are currently studying the main elements of the plan. At the same time, Mordov has met with representatives of a number of companies, including representatives from abroad, who specialize in the production of energy, in order to formulate the final details before issuing the tender. According to Mordov, in the first stage the plan is to produce electric energy which would be used at the water filtration plant in Nahal Soreq. At a later stage, the plan calls for producing energy to be used for other plants and for industry in general. (‘Globes’, 13.1.94)

* LOW-SULPHUR DIESEL FUEL FOR PUBLIC TRANSPORT BEGINNING IN APRIL. Beginning in April 1994, all diesel fuel for public transportation and for vehicles with diesel engines will have a low amount of sulphur (0.3%). This diesel fuel will be available at all fuel terminals and gas stations around the country. This follows the gradual introduction of low-sulphur diesel fuel at selected locations over the past several months. Currently, almost 5 million liters of low-sulphur diesel fuel is being consumed, which is having a positive impact on air quality, especially in the Dan area. (‘Ma’ariv’, 10.1.94)


The Migen company, producers of equipment for industry and gas stations, has signed an agreement to be the sole importers and marketers of products from the O.P.W. company of the United States. The imports will include underground fiberglass fuel tanks, which meet international standards and prevent fuel from leaking into the ground, and above-ground containers for collecting and draining fuel which leaks out when the underground tanks are filled, returning it to the main tank. (‘Globes’, 12.1.94)