Israel Environment Bulletin Winter 1994-5754, Vol. 17, No. 1


Israel’s Environmental Legislation
Susan Warchaizer, Editor
Compiled by Adam Teva V’Din, The Union for Environmental Defense for the Ministry of the Environment, Jerusalem 1993

Comprehensive environmental legislation is an integral part of any successful and progressive environmental program. The concentration of legal authority for most environmental issues in the Ministry of the Environment, coupled with greater public awareness, has led to major legislative initiatives in the passage and updating of environmental legislation in recent years in Israel.

The Ministry of the Environment has initiated the publication of this compendium in the wake of growing environmental awareness and ever-increasing requests for information on environmental legislation in Israel. The publication provides a comprehensive overview of Israel’s legislative and regulatory approach on environmental mattersupdated to the beginning of 1993. It covers laws concerning air and noise pollution, water quality, marine pollution, hazardous substances and solid waste and the protection of nature as well as more general legislation, governing national and local implementation. In many cases, the official translations from the Laws of the State of Israel are provided; in other cases, the laws and regulations are translated for the first time; in still other cases, legislation of a more general character is summarized and only the relevant information is presented.

It is hoped that the publication will prove to be an accessible source of reference for anyone involved in environmental protection in Israel and abroad and for all those who take an interest in environmental developments in Israel and elsewhere.

Copies of Israel’s Environmental Legislation are currently being distributed in Israel and abroad to

relevant organizations and individuals.