Jerusalem, December 12, 1994


Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

The European Union summit in Essen has announced, in its summary report, that it believes that Israel, due to its level of economic development, needs to enjoy a special status in its relations with the European Union, on the basis of mutual and shared interests.

Israel attaches great importance to the report of the European Council, under Germany’s presidency, which for the first time officially recognizes Israel’s special status, and hopes that this recognition will already find practical expression in the new treaty between Israel and the European Union, which is in the final stages of negotiations.

The Summit welcomed the completion of the Peace Treaty between Israel and Jordan, and expressed its intention to continue supporting both the peace process and economic development in the territories.

Regarding its Mediterranean policies, the European Council approved a plan for providing regional support to the Mediterranean region and creating Euro-Mediterranean cooperation.

Israel welcomes the European Union’s five-year plan for the Mediterranean Sea basin. The program will contribute to the stability of the southern area of the Mediterranean Sea basin; Israel sees itself as a full partner in this goal.