Winter 1994-5754, Vol. 17, No. 1
ISSN 0334-3804

Editor: Shoshana Gabbay


Education and the Environment
HOLITEcological and Environmental Information System
Air Pollution: 1992
News in Brief
Inside the Ministry of the Environment
International Cooperation
Environmental Literature
World Coast 1993, Country Description: Israel

Dear Reader:

Our Winter 1994 edition surveys a wide variety of issues, from environmental education and information to air pollution and coastal management. The impact of the Year of the Environment in Israel continues to be felt as environmental issues are accorded ever-higher priority in the country, while abroad, Israel continues to take an active part in international environmental meetings. Israel’s contribution to the World Coast Conference 1993, included in this issue, should present the reader with an overview of the physical characteristics of the country’s coastlines as well as an understanding of coastal development and management policies.

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