Jerusalem, 3 January 1995


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At the Cabinet meeting yesterday (Monday), 2.1.95:

1. The Cabinet affirmed its adherence to Cabinet decision #360 of 22.11.92, regarding the cessation of construction in Efrat.

2. The Cabinet also decided:

A. To instruct the recognized authority in Judea and Samaria to suspend the validity of the permit given by the Efrat local committee on planning and construction, on 1.12.94, to carry out excavation and roadwork at Givat Tamar.

B. To allocate an alternate site on Givat Hazayit to the "Zayit Association for Housing, Welfare and Religion" in place of the area that had been allocated thereto on Givat Tamar.

C. To set up a ministerial team to implement Paragraph 2(b). The team will be composed of the Prime Minister and Defense Minister, chairman; the Justice Minister; the Communications Minister; the Housing and Construction Minister, and; the Finance Minister. The team will also include the Attorney-General and the head of the IDF Judge Advocate General’s International Law Branch.