Jerusalem, 19 November 1995


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At the weekly Cabinet meeting, today (Sunday), 19.11.95:

1. The Cabinet decided that extremist, violent, racist, and terrorist organizations are a severe danger to Israel’s democratic regime, the security of the state, and public welfare; the Cabinet will work to outlaw them.

2. The Cabinet asked to receive a professional opinion from the Attorney- General, the Inspector-General of the Israel Police, and the head of the GSS regarding the operative steps to outlaw certain organizations, and on the operative measures necessary to dismantle them and shut down their subversive activity.

3. The Justice Minister will submit a proposal to the Cabinet in accordance with the aforementioned opinions.

4. In accordance with the Law of Return, the Government will not allow Jews from abroad to come to Israel as immigrants, tourists, residents, or citizens if they have expressed solidarity with outlawed organizations or if they have supported violent actions.

5. The Cabinet will formulate new rules, in addition to the authority granted to ministers; the new rules will ensure that state funds do not support directly or indirectly elements that undermine the sovereignty of elected democratic institutions, incite against Israeli democracy, preach racism and violence, or are headed by people who preach racism and violence. The Cabinet charged an interministerial committee composed of the Finance Minister; Education, Culture, and Sports Minister; Interior Minister; Religious Affairs Minister, and Justice Minister to propose to it the above rules. The Justice Minister will chair the committee.

6. The Cabinet decided to establish a joint staff to deal with incitement and sedition, to comprise senior representatives of the Attorney-General, the Chief-of-Staff, the police Inspector-General, and the head of the GSS.

7. The Cabinet approved the maritime border agreement with Jordan.

8. The Cabinet discussed the recommendations of the committee which investigated the 02.07.95 fire in the Jerusalem Hills, and will establish an interministerial team (comprising representatives from the Finance, Interior, and Environment Ministries) which within three months will determine the pace at which the recommendations will be implemented.

9. The Cabinet approved an immunities and rights order regarding the delegations of international observers in the elections process for the Palestinian Council.

10. The Cabinet approved various international treaties with China and with the Holy See.