Jerusalem, 26 October 1995


(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

On Tuesday (24.10.95), in Beijing, Israel and China signed a program of cultural cooperation, to include: the visit of a Chinese television crew to Israel to produce a television program on Israeli culture; arranging a soccer game between the Israeli and Chinese national teams; and mutual celebration of Israel’s (1998) and China’s (1999) 50th Independence Days.

The program was signed by the Deputy Director-General of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, Uri Bar-Ner, and by the Director-General of the Foreign Relations Division of the Chinese Ministry of Culture, Ding Wei. Israel’s Ambassador to China Moshe Ben-Ya’akov and China’s Deputy Minister of Culture Chen Changben also attended.

The program establishes a framework for exchanges in the spheres of culture, education and sport during the next three years (1996-98), and is the second agreement of this type. Visits to Israel by China’s Minister of Culture, Liu Zhongde, and Deputy Minister of Education, Kei Yu, were also set by the program. It was also decided to organize an Israeli film week in China, as well as a Chinese film week in Israel. Encouraging direct cooperation between institutions of higher learning and cultural bodies in the two countries was also agreed upon, as were mutual visits by artists, musicians, writers and translators. Satisfaction was expressed that 41 books, including by A.B. Yehoshua, Ya’akov Shabtai and Yehuda Amichai, have been translated from Hebrew to Chinese in the last two years.