Jerusalem, 10 December 1995


(Communicated by Justice Ministry Spokeswoman)

During 03-07.12.95, the Shamgar Commission of Inquiry into the murder of the late Prime Minister and Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin continued to hear testimony, primarily from GSS agents and policemen who were at the peace rally.

The police officer and GSS Personal Security Branch agent in charge of the event for their respective services, were summoned to appear before the Commission together in order to complete the investigation into the events and compare their versions. The investigation focused on the areas of responsibility between the Police and the GSS Personal Security Branch in the early planning and operational stages, including changes in deployment during the event.

The Police officers who commanded the various areas during the event, including the North Parking lot, also gave testimony. They spoke about the briefings they received prior to the event and their performance according to the planning and in the field, including changes made in the plan during the operation.

Policemen who were in the event area testified in open session. Some of them saw the murder and even spoke with him. They testified concerning the orders they received and on their roles in the event area. Some testified on their roles in escorting the Foreign Minister’s and Prime Minister’s vehicles. A policeman who assisted in transporting the Prime Minister to the hospital also testified.

The Prime Minister’s Military Secretary testified on the Prime Minister’s working relationship with the head of the GSS and on other details relevant to the inquiry.

The Deputy Director of the GSS Personal Security Branch testified about the drafting and training of manpower for the personal security unit.

Shlomo Halevi testified on the passing of information to the Police and the GSS about a man who planned to attack the Prime Minister.

Other people who gave testimony included the person in charge of intelligence in the Personal Security Unit, who reviewed his role and the methods by which information is passed to the unit and to the bodyguards; a bodyguard who was in the event area; and the head of the GSS, who was invited to complete his testimony.