Jerusalem, 30 April 1996


(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

Acting Angolan Foreign Minister, Joao Bernardo de Miranda, arrived today

(Tuesday), 30.04.96, on a week-long visit to Israel, the first by an Angolan foreign minister.

He will meet with President Ezer Weizman, Prime Minister and Defense Minister Shimon Peres, Foreign Minister Ehud Barak, Deputy Foreign Minister Eli Dayan, and Deputy Defense Minister Ori Orr. He will also visit industrial and other sites throughout Israel.

Israel and Angola established diplomatic relations in April 1992, and the opening of the Israeli embassy in July 1995 lead to an expansion of these ties, particularly in the economic sphere.

A number of cooperative projects are now in the planning stage:

* A course to train military medics for civilian purposes, in order to staff the medical clinics in areas to which millions of refugees are returning, after many long years of civil strife;

* Additional courses in civics for military personnel, and;

* The rehabilitation of a vegetable-producing farm.

Israel has also participated, under the auspices of the United Nations, in efforts to defuse landmines, which have killed 70,000 people since the fighting stopped over two years ago; it is estimated that many more millions of landmines remain in Angola.