Jerusalem, 6 September 1996


(Communicated by Cabinet Secretariat)

At the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Friday), 06.09.96:

1. The Prime Minister reported that, in the wake of the government’s demand, three Palestinian Authority offices in Jerusalem were closed. In the event that there is an attempt to resume illegal activity in Jerusalem, we will insist that it stop, he said. We will make it clear to the PA that Jerusalem will remain under our complete sovereignty, something which unites the majority of the Israeli people.

2. The cabinet decided on the appointment of a directors-general committee, headed by the director-general of the Prime Minister’s Office, to find and implement solutions for the shortage of high level graduates in scientific and technological professions.

The Prime Minister instructed that immediate action be taken in order to retrain university graduates in scientific and technological fields, and that a long-range, 10-year plan be prepared within three months.

3. The cabinet approved an agreement with Vietnam regarding economic, scientific, technological, agricultural and trade cooperation.

4. The cabinet approved an agreement with Latvia regarding eliminating the requirement for holders of diplomatic or service passports to obtain a visa.

5. The cabinet approved the composition of the Israeli delegation for the United Nations’ 51st General Assembly.

6. The cabinet approved an agreement regarding a sub-regional preparation plan to respond to incidents resulting in large-scale pollution of the Mediterranean Sea.

7. The Prime Minister informed the cabinet of his appointment of Tzahi Hanegbi as Acting Justice Minister.

8. The cabinet decided that the forum of government ministry directors- general, which had been headed by the cabinet secretary, would now be headed by the director-general of the Prime Minister’s Office.

9. The cabinet approved the appointment of Minister Zevulun Hammer as a member of the committees for appointing religious court judges and qadis, in addition to the Religious Affairs Minister.

10. The cabinet approved the appointment of Mr. Moshe Tari as director of the Postal Authority, replacing Mr. Ran Levine, who has resigned from his position.

11. The cabinet decided to amend the regulations protecting tenants (basic rent and apartment rent), which will mean an updating of rental fees, according to the consumer price index. This update is carried out once per year.

12. The cabinet was briefed on security issues by the IDF chief of staff. The discussion was held in the framework of paragraph 44 of the Basic Law: The Government.

The following is an addition to the cabinet communique issued today

(Friday), 06.09.96:

* At today’s cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister did not announce that the cabinet would hold a discussion at its next meeting on the negotiations with the Palestinians and the understanding with them about the continuation of the negotiations. Such a discussion will not take place at the next cabinet meeting.

* The Prime Minister stated that ministers would be able to receive the contents of the understanding between the government and the Palestinians regarding the agenda for the negotiations.

* The Prime Minister again clarified that there are no secret agreements between Israel and the Palestinians.