Jerusalem, 8 November 1996


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At its weekly meeting today (Friday), 08.11.96:

1. The Cabinet was briefed by the Education, Culture, and Sport Minister on the activities of his ministry.

During the discussion, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of Bible studies in the schools. The Prime Minister said that the lottery system of determining which matriculation examinations will be offered can be maintained, but that the Bible examination should be exempted therefrom. The Prime Minister added that, in the State of Israel, the Bible is not an elective, but compulsory.

2. The Cabinet decided, in accordance with the proposal of the Labor and Social Affairs Minister, that the ministerial committee dealing with the issue of foreign laborers will address the series of issues related to foreign laborers and not only to those in Israel illegally. With regard to the committee’s decisions on locating and deporting of illegal workers from Israel, the Prime Minister instructed that this effort be intensified.

3. The Cabinet established a ministerial committee on the issue of Sharon Park in order to deal with the implementation of the 02.04.95 Cabinet decision to create Sharon Park in the area between Hadera and Givat Olga in the north, and the Emek Hefer industrial zone and Michmoret in the south.

4. The Transportation Minister briefed the Cabinet on the talks with Jordan in the areas of transportation, infrastructure, and aviation.

5. The Cabinet appointed David Litvak as Director-General of the Tourism Ministry, and Yigal Ben-Shalom as Director-General of the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry.

6. Foreign Minister David Levy briefed the Cabinet on his visit to Egypt and his meeting with President Mubarak. The Foreign Minister relayed the Egyptian president’s remarks regarding Egypt’s interest in preserving the peace treaty with Israel, whose presence is desired at the Cairo conference. The Foreign Minister emphasized the importance of Cabinet ministers attending the conference.