Jerusalem, 10 March 1996


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday), 10.03.96:

1. The Cabinet, sitting as the Ministerial Committee on National Security, was briefed on security issues.

The Prime Minister and Defense Minister reviewed the security and political measures being made in the war against terrorism. In relating to the international conference on terrorism, the Prime Minister highlighted the U.S. president’s friendship and support for Israel.

The Prime Minister and other Cabinet ministers who spoke during the discussion noted, among other things, the loyalty of Israel’s Arab citizens to the state, and emphasized that the isolated incidents now being investigated should not be extrapolated to include the entire Israeli Arab community.

2. The Cabinet approved the proposed Banking Law (Licensing), which deals with an amendment concerning bank holdings of real corporations.

3. The Cabinet approved the bill on illegal presence, entailing more stringent punishment of Israeli employers who hire foreign laborers, particularly those constituting a security risk.

4. The Cabinet discussed the proposal of the Public Security Minister on ways to deal with the phenomenon of auto thefts.

The Cabinet views the theft of vehicles as a serious problem which must be fought.

The Cabinet approved, in principle, the plan submitted by the Public Security Minister for the prevention of auto thefts (the Lapidot Commission report), and instructed teams of ministers and of ministry representatives to take the required action to implement the recommendations, both from the budgetary and the legal perspectives.