Jerusalem, 15 November 1996


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At its weekly meeting today (Friday), 15.11.96:

1. The Prime Minister informed the Cabinet about the appointment of Maj.- Gen. Meir Dagan as head of the counter-terrorism staff.

2. The Prime Minister congratulated MK Yehoshua Matza on joining the Cabinet as Health Minister.

3. The Cabinet approved a draft of legislation on the prevention of family violence, to be discussed by the Knesset next Tuesday, within the context of Family Violence Awareness Day.

4. The Cabinet appointed Ya’akov Efrati as director-general of the Interior Ministry.

5. The Cabinet appointed Meir Ben-Meir to the post of Water Commissioner.

6. The Cabinet approved the proposal of the Education, Culture and Sport Minister, according to Section 10 of the Higher Education Council Law, to recognize the Kaye Teacher’s College in Beersheva as a institution of higher learning.

7. The Cabinet was briefed by Cabinet ministers who attended the Cairo conference. According to the Foreign Minister, the Egyptians did their best to facilitate matters for the Israeli delegation. The Foreign Minister reported on his talks with the Egyptian foreign minister, the foreign ministers of the European Troika, US Secretary of State Warren Christopher, and the Qatari foreign minister talks in which it was clarified that Israel is not responsible for the current delay in the negotiations. The conference was important, allowing Israel to express its views. The Finance Minister reported on his talks with businessmen from around the world, and on the positive and practical atmosphere during these conversations. The Transport Minister and the Communications Minister also reported on their talks, which were conducted in a warm atmosphere.