Jerusalem, 11 March 1996


(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

As part of his visit to the Middle East, the Foreign Minister of Mongolia, Tsereupilyn Gombosuren, is visiting Israel between 11-14.03.96. This is the first time a senior official from Mongolia is visiting Israel, since the establishment of relations between the countries in 1991. The Mongolian Foreign Minister is scheduled to sign a joint cooperation agreement, and an agreement for reciprocal visa exemptions. The Foreign Minister will visit the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, and will speak to business people about the possibilities of joint economic cooperation with Mongolia. He will also visit the Air Force Industry, the Volcanic Institute, Yad Vashem and Jerusalem.

Since 1991, a political dialogue has been established between Israel and Mongolia through our ambassador to China, who also serves as the ambassador to Mongolia, and through the Mongolian ambassador to Egypt, who also serves as the ambassador to Israel. In the economic realm, there is interest among Israeli corporations in developing projects in Mongolia in the fields of telecommunications, energy, agriculture, as well as improvement of the airports.

Mongolia, a member of the Non-Aligned Movement, supports the Middle East peace process and Israeli efforts to bring a comprehensive peace to the region. Shortly after the most recent attacks in Israel, a Mongolian government representative sent a letter of condolence to Prime Minister Peres, in which he condemned terrorism. Mongolia has special regard for Israel, as a small, democratic country with a free economy, and an ancient tradition.