Jerusalem, 1 December 1996


(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

Tomorrow (Monday), 02.12.96, at 05:00, a Foreign Ministry-sponsored airlift will transport emergency aid for refugees in Rwanda. The official delegation will be headed by Yigal Antebi, Director of the Africa 1 Division at the Foreign Ministry, and will examine the possibility of Israeli integration in long-term aid programs mainly in the spheres of medicine and rural rehabilitation.

The aid is being sent in accordance with a resolution brought by Foreign Minister David Levy for Cabinet approval on 22.11.96. The aid package which includes food-stuffs, medicines, milk powder, seeds, tents and utensils is coordinated with the Rwandan government and with the international organizations arranging aid efforts around the world.

In Rwanda, the Israeli delegation will meet with Rwandan ministers, and deliver a message from Foreign Minister Levy, saying, among other things: "The State of Israel has taken upon itself to assist Rwanda, in cooperation with United Nations agencies and international organizations, in an effort to respond to the humanitarian needs of the refugees."

The aircraft will land in Kigali at 09:25 local time. An additional 30 tons of assistance will leave for Kigali in the coming days.