Jerusalem, 22 December 1996


(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

The Israel Foreign Ministry received an official request in Augst from the Government of Zaire to assist it in organizing the general elections which are scheduled to be held there in mid-1997.

Israel offered to train 2-3 members of the Zairian elections committee, in the framework of a special course which would be organized for them in Israel. Recently, the Zairian government sent three representatives to participate in such a course. The three are members of parliament and are here as the guests of the Foreign Ministry.

The three Zairians are holding various meetings, including with Judge Eliahu Matza, president of the Central Elections Committee, and visiting relevant agencies, such as the Elections Committee and the Logistical Operations Center in Holon. In addition, they are studying the MALAM company’s computer and voter rolls preparation operations, and are attending lectures on Israeli democracy, institutions and the Israeli political system. The three are expected to complete their training this week.