ISRAEL ENVIRONMENT BULLETIN Spring 1996-5756, Vol. 19, No. 2

Editor: Shoshana Gabbay


Toward Sustainable Development in Israel
Guidelines for a Sustainable Development Policy in Israel
Sustainable Transport Development
Sustainable Tourist Development
Sustainable Agricultural Development
Sustainable Energy Development
Sustainable Industrial Development

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Dear Reader:

The Spring 1996 issue of Israel Environment Bulletin is pleased to present an English summary of the recently-published document entitled "Toward Sustainable Development in Israel." This document, though preliminary in nature, paves the way for Israel to transform the general concept of sustainable development into operational terms. While lack of space precludes the inclusion of all parts of this document in this Bulletin, it is hoped that this synopsis will provide our readers with a first glimpse at Israel’s initial steps on the road toward sustainability. As this Bulletin went into press, Israel’s new Minister of the Environment was sworn in. The Ministry of the Environment wishes the incoming Environment Minister, Mr. Rafael Eitan, every success in his new position.