Jerusalem, 13 November 1996


(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

Adhering to its policy of offering humanitarian assistance to distressed countries, Israel donated $30,000 worth of medical supplies to the government of Zaire to assist refugees who have been displaced as a result of the fighting. Israel’s ambassador to Zaire is assuring that the supplies are properly disseminated. Israel also intends to offer further assistance to Zaire through the United Nations when its aid plan is finalized.

Speaking at the Knesset today, Wednesday, 13.11.96, Foreign Minister Levy called the fighting in Zaire "a horrible human tragedy", and stated that "even though Israel cannot resolve all the problems in that region alone, it must closely follow the situation and help find a solution." He further expressed Israel’s commitment to recruit an international humanitarian effort and promised that Israel would be among the first to line up for this mission.