Jerusalem, 11 February 1996


(Communicated by Justice Ministry Spokeswoman)

Following is the summary of the proceedings of the Shamgar Commission of Inquiry regarding the murder of the late Prime Minister and Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin:

Sunday, 04.02.96

Lawyers representing GSS personnel who have received letters of warning from the commission continued to question Yarkon District Police Commander Ya’akov Shoval. The questioning focussed on the planning of security at the rally, especially security in the north parking lot and events that occurred during the rally. The police investigation of 07.11.95 was also brought up. Chief Superintendent Shoval was also questioned by his lawyer.

Monday, 05.02.96

The head of the Non-Arab Affairs Division of the GSS, H., reviewed the unique problems encountered by his branch in relation to other bodies in the intelligence community in general, and in the GSS in particular. H. also addressed the dissemination of information and assessments to bodies outside the GSS, and pointed out activity in this area. Afterwards, he responded to questions from lawyers representing the head of the GSS, the head of the Operations Branch of the VIP Protection Unit, and Chief Superintendent Ya’akov Shoval.

Tuesday, 06.02.96

Commander of the Yarkon District Special Patrol Unit Chief Inspector Bruno Stein, who was the area commander during the rally, testified first. He testified about the group of orders which preceded the rally, the security planning, and the cooperation between the VIP Protection Unit and the Special Patrol Unit. He responded to questions by lawyers representing B., the commander of the VIP Protection Unit, A., the head of the VIP Protection Unit Operations Branch, and Y., the GSS commander at the rally.

Afterwards, GSS Head Karmi Gillon testified and reviewed the various functions of the GSS, including its activities and the threats which it faces. He emphasized the preferred treatment given to the VIP Protection Unit, and commented on the Commission’s request on the question of supervision over GSS activities.

Wednesday, 07.02.96

The Commission did not hold any deliberations. Those who gather information for the Commission took testimony from Yarkon Sub-District Operations Division Officer Chief Superintendent Ezra Aharon, the Tel Aviv District Border Police Unit commander, and several police officers from the Ayalon Special Patrol Unit who participated in the event. The testimony of Chief Superintendent Aharon dealt with the planning for the event. The Border Police officer’s testimony dealt with planning for the event and the performance of Border Police forces. The testimony of the Ayalon Special Patrol Unit dealt with their activities in the northern parking lot area. Testimony was also taken from a young woman who in her words saw the man who yelled, "Blanks, blanks," but did not identify him.

Thursday, 08.02.96

Tel Aviv District Police Commander Maj.-Gen. Gabi Last was summoned at the request of the lawyer representing B., the commander of the VIP Protection Unit. Maj.-Gen. Last was questioned about the non-submission to the Commission of Inquiry of material from the investigation held on 07.11.95 until 01.02.96. Maj.-Gen. Last replied that this was an error, and was not done intentionally. He believed that the investigation was operational and not an investigation of the event required by the Commission. He was further questioned on the content of the investigation and exchanges of words that he had during the investigation with officers subordinate to him. He was also questioned by the lawyers representing A., the head of the VIP Protection Unit Operations Branch, Y., the GSS operation commander, and Commander Shoval.

At the conclusion of the above testimony, Commander Shoval asked to comment on the issue of the investigation, and was questioned afterwards.

Afterwards, the head of the GSS continued his testimony and addressed the dissemination of intelligence between the GSS and the police, coordination and cooperation between the two bodies on the issue of security for VIP’s, and activity regarding the concern over Jewish attacks in and outside the GSS. He also testified concerning his supervision over the Protection Division and the VIP Protection Unit. Mr. Gillon was also questioned by lawyers representing those who have received letters of warning from the Commission on the issue of the VIP Protection Unit’s standards and protection methods both before and after the murder, on the documents related to inquiries held by the internal investigating committee near the end of its investigation and which only recently reached the Commission, and on the training and instruction of the forces assisting the GSS.