Attack on Israeli Embassy Peronnel in Jordan

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
September 22, 1997

This morning, September 22, 1997, two staff members of the Israeli Embassy in Jordan were attacked and lightly injured in the legs. They are being treated in hospital in Jordan. The Jordanian police are in pursuit of the attackers. The Jordanian authorities are cooperating with the Israeli Embassy.

* * *

Update – 13:00:

King Hussein’s Bureau Chief Ali Shukri, Minister of the Interior Nader a-Rashid, and Private Secretary to Crown Prince Hassan, Samir Rifa’i, visited the wounded in hospital in the course of the morning and expressed regret at the attack. They informed Israeli Ambassador Oded Eran that the search for the attackers was their top priority.

Condition of the wounded:

Moshe Levine was lightly wounded in the foot.
Amikam Hadar was wounded in the thigh and is resting comfortably following surgery.

There are no plans at present to transfer them to Israel.