Jerusalem, 27 July 1997


(Communicated by Prime Minister’s Media Advisor)

At its weekly meeting today (Sunday) 27.7.97, the Cabinet was briefed on the implementation of 1996 and 1997 budgets.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Ya’acov Ne’eman jointly decided that a macro-economic review dealing with the forecasts for 1998 and beyond, would be held together with a discussion on reforms and structural changes (strategies for growth) at the next cabinet meeting on the framework of the 1998 budget, which is due to be held on 10.8.97.

This decision will serve to integrate the debate on the economic situation and the forecasts, as an inseparable part of the steps for accelerating economic growth.

Topics to be discussed in the upcoming meeting include: a macro-economic review and forecasts for 1998-2000, reforms and structural changes to accelerate economic growth, and establishing the budgetary floors

(government spending and revenues).

The setting of budgetary priorities and the establishment of ministerial budgets will be discussed at the cabinet meeting during the first week of September.

During August, Finance Minister Ne’eman will hold a series of meetings with ministers regarding structural changes in the economy and methods for increasing economic growth within the framework of the 1998 budget.