Jerusalem, 2 November 1997


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday), 02.11.97:

1. The Cabinet summarized its discussion on the matter of the disappearance of the Yemenite children.

Following the report of the Attorney-General which was submitted to the Cabinet with the consent of the State Commission of Inquiry on this issue, it was decided to establish a ministerial team headed by the Minister of Public Security which will be in contact with the Attorney-General and update the Cabinet regarding the Inquiry Commission’s work.

2. The Cabinet decided to assign the issue of centralization of authority and responsibility vis-a-vis civil defense to an inter-ministerial team.

3. The Cabinet discussed the issue of border control and decided to examine the issue of border inspections at all of the country’s entry points, while reexamining the Cabinet’s previous decisions on this issue. To this end, it was decided to establish an inter-ministerial steering committee to examine the issue and inter alia develop a program which will include the necessary organizational needs, buildings and budgets for carrying out border inspections.

The steering committee will submit its proposals within six months. Until then, existing Cabinet decisions will remain in force.

4. The Minister of Public Security raised the issue of the use of VIP cards by senior Palestinian Authority officials.

The Cabinet also referred to the matter of the increase in the number of stolen vehicles and decided to establish an inter-ministerial team headed by the Minister of Public Security which will submit its recommendations to the Cabinet within 30 days.