Jerusalem, 10 February 1997


(Communicated by Cabinet Secretariat)

A. The Cabinet today (Monday), 10.2.97, held a discusssion on the Interim Agreement with the Palestinians.

The Head of the IDF Planning Branch and the Military Advocate-General submitted to the Cabinet the principal matters included within the agreement. These include the timetable for implementation of the agreement, the division of security responsibilities, issues for coordination and joint efforts between the sides, rules of behavior and authority in the various areas, and the issues in which negotiations will soon begin between the two sides.

It should be emphasized that the Cabinet, in this meeting, did not discuss details of the further redeployments.

The Defense Minister concluded the discussion and presented Israel’s security goals and interests.

The Prime Minister stated that the government inherited a certain reality within which it is operating. The true test for the future will be the fulfillment of the commitments, and we demand from the Palestinian side that it fulfill its commitments. The Cabinet will reconvene on the issue of further redeployments towards the end of the month.

B. At the end of the meeting, the Defense Minister said that he encourages the IDF soldiers in the wake of the helicopter disaster and praised the IDF’s Chief-of-Staff and the IDF General Staff.

The Defense Minister once again offered his condolences to the bereaved families.