Israel Environment Bulletin Summer 1997-5758, Vol. 20, No. 3


The European Union has decided to spend over $1 million in the joint- financing of four environmental projects in Israel in the framework of its LIFE II programs.

The projects to be financed are:

The restoration and conservation of fauna and flora in the re-flooded Hula Wetland Habitat: This involves the reintroduction to the area of lost animals and plant species such as the native water buffalo, the protection of species and sites from intrusive plants and harmful rodents, the creation of special habitats and monitoring of the ecosystem. The beneficiaries are the Jewish Agency for Israel, the Ministry of Agriculture and MIGAL.

The Galicomp Project – Centralised treatment of organic waste in the Galilee Panhandle: The objective of this program is to provide a technical solution for the disposal of organic farm waste and municipal fibrous waste in the area and includes the construction of a centralised site for waste treatment which will help recycle natural resources and protect water supplies. The beneficiary is the Upper Galilee Regional Council.

Restoration of rivers in Israel’s coastal plain: This LIFE II project is intended to help the Ministry of the Environment to prepare a comprehensive national master plan for the restoration of the rivers in Israel’s coastal plain. This will include a survey of all major sources of pollution, surveys of the ecology and natural and cultural resources of lands adjacent to rivers, guidelines for water quantities and qualities needed for restoration of streams, and river-specific masterplans.

Municipal solid waste management – A demonstration project in Kiryat Tivon: The overall objective of this project is to demonstrate the feasibility of a separated collection and processing of both wet and dry municipal solid waste. Observers from other towns in Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan will participate in this project.

In addition to the above, the city of Ashdod will participate in a regional LIFE project called ENVIMED II as part of a network with Larnaca and Limassol (Cyprus), Tripoli (Lebanon) and Sousse (Tunisia). This includes a survey of the environmental situation in Ashdod.

Created in 1992, LIFE II is the only EU instrument which provides aid for the environment throughout the EU and in bordering regions. LIFE II is divided into three categories: Environment, Nature, and Third Countries under which the Israel projects were funded. In 1997, LIFE-Third Countries will grant almost $5 million for 16 projects selected from 121 proposals. Of these 13 are in the Mediterranean and 3 in the Baltic regions. The total budget of LIFE II which covers the years 1996-99 is some $518 million.