Foreign Ministry Director-General: Israel Will Reconsider Europe’s Involvement in the Peace Process

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
March 7, 1997

The Director-General of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Eytan Bentsur, today expressed Israel’s serious reservations over the European countries’ activity and initiative in the United Nation’s Security Council debate over the government of Israel’s decision to begin construction in Har Homa.

Director-General Bentsur noted that the actions and statements of the European representatives reflected one-sided positions, which negatively single out Israel and do not contribute to the advancement of the peace process.

The Director-General also stated that Israel, on its part, will have to reconsider the nature of European involvement in the peace process in the future.

Israel has welcomed the EU representative to the Middle East, Ambassador Miguel Angel Moratinos, and seeks to maintain an open, honest and fair dialogue with Europe on a wide spectrum of issues. As part of Israel’s relationship with the European Union, European involvement should be carried out within the accepted parameters pertaining to diplomatic negotiations and relations between states.

These remarks were transmitted by Israel’s Ambassadors in Europe to the foreign ministries there, and the heads of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs communicated them to the European Ambassadors accredited to Israel.