Foreign Minister Levy at the United Nations

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
September 26, 1997

During his visit to New York for the 52nd UN General Assembly meeting, Foreign Minister David Levy has held a series of meetings with the Foreign Ministers of Germany, Russia, France, the European Union, Jordan, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, the People’s Republic of China and Turkey, as well as with the Prime Minister of India Inder Kumar Gujral. A trilateral meeting is expected with US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Palestinian Authority representative Abu-Mazen.

The Foreign Minister has focused some of his activities in New York on preparing for the trilateral meeting and for talks with Abu-Mazen. For this purpose, the Foreign Minister met yesterday (Thursday) 25.9.97, among others, with European Union Special Envoy Miguel Moratinos. Preparatory meetings will continue today and over the weekend with American coordinator Dennis Ross.

Foreign Minister Levy will speak before the General Assembly on Monday 29.9.97. In his speech, as in his meetings, he will focus on the efforts to resume negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, the need to secure joint security cooperation, on the steps that the Palestinian Authority is being requested to take in the war against terrorism and the outline that Israel is proposing for continuing the negotiations towards a permanent settlement.

In his various meetings, the Foreign Minister raises the issue of Iran’s armament effort and attempts to obtain non-conventional abilities. In his talks with the President of the European Troika, Foreign Minister of Luxembourg, Foreign Minister of the Netherlands and the British representative, they noted their own actions vis-a-vis Russia to prevent the transfer of knowledge and technology that would give Iran non-conventional ability.

In his meetings, the Foreign Minister referred to the decisions of the Arab League conference of foreign ministers, emphasizing the severity of the decisions concerning the freezing of normalization and the resumption of the boycott against Israel.

In a long personal meeting with the French Foreign Minister, they ironed out their differences between the two countries following Israel’s response to the serious public statements made by the French Foreign Minister criticizing Israel and its policies.

During his visit, Foreign Minister Levy also met with American Jewish community leaders and held briefings with the American and Jewish media. Yesterday evening, the Foreign Minister opened Israel’s 50th anniversary celebrations in the US sponsored by New York Mayor Rudolf Giuliani.

Today, Friday, 26.9.97, Foreign Minister Levy and Bosnian Foreign Minister Jadranko Frlic will sign an agreement establishing diplomatic relations with Bosnia-Herzegovina.