FM Levy’s Remarks Following Jerusalem Bomb Attack

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
July 30, 1997

The following remarks were made by Foreign Minister David Levy during a joint press conference with the Prime Minister, held at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital following the terrorist attack in Jerusalem:

"There is no forgiveness for this heinous, criminal act. For some time, we have asked and demanded that the Palestinian Authority fulfill its obligation to act firmly against the Hamas and Jihad organizations and against the terrorism infrastructure. This is the result of a failure to act: human bombs. This is a situation that we absolutely cannot tolerate. Firm action must be taken against these murderers.

"I think that all the people of Israel are aghast at this terrible situation, where peaceful men, women and children come to the market to shop for the Sabbath and instead are brutally murdered. We see the wounded, we see the doctors and nurses doing their sacred work, we see their dedication. And we repeat our unequivocal demand of our partner in the peace process: we do not wish for condolences, not even the most heartfelt of words. We ask that action be taken. The Palestinian Authority must arrest these murderers. It is intolerable that they should walk free, or be arrested and then released. They cannot be allowed to make their plans undisturbed, so that our people, our citizens, end up victims of a bloodbath such as this.

"We will examine the courses of action open to us, along with the Defense Minister, the members of the Cabinet and all those in charge of these sensitive matters. We demand immediate action by the Palestinian Authority. It has the ability to capture these criminals.

"And, of course, with an aching heart, I extend my condolences to the families of the victims. Words are not capable of comforting families who have lost their loved ones – citizens, men, women and children, slaughtered this way in a vicious attack in the heart of Jerusalem."