Foreign Minister Levy to Visit Egypt

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
August 4, 1997

Foreign Minister David Levy, will tomorrow visit Cairo at the invitation of his Egyptian counterpart, Foreign Minister Amr Moussa. Mr. Levy will also meet with President Mubarak and be the luncheon guest of the Egyptian Foreign Minister.

Israel regards Egypt as an important factor in the Middle East and in the political process, and believes the talks in Cairo tomorrow will be very important for advancing the peace process, especially in the wake of the criminal terrorist attack in Jerusalem. In recent weeks, Foreign Minister Levy has had contacts with leading figures in the Palestinian Authority and met Jordanian leaders for discussions in Amman. The Cairo talks represent a direct and important continuation of these contacts.

It is expected that Egypt, which is interested in bringing the parties closer together and preserving the political negotiations, will know how to clarify to the Palestinians the urgent need to combat the wild incitement against Israel, fight terrorism, and crush the infrastructure of the groups resorting to it, within the boundaries of the Palestinian Authority.

In reply to a question regarding harshly critical articles against Israel in the Egyptian media, the Ministry Spokesman said that Israel repudiates and deplores the series of repugnant articles, which appeared last Friday in the Egyptian dailies "Al-Ahram" and "Al-Akhbar", holding only the Government of Israel responsible for the murderous terrorist attack in the Mahaneh Yehuda Market in Jerusalem. Venomous articles and caricatures placing the blame on the victim strain credibility and tear at the delicate fabric being constructed between the governments and peoples in the region, which are the foundation stones for progress in the peace process.