Foreign Minister Levy Meets with Canadian Foreign Minister Axeworthy

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
September 4, 1997

Foreign Minister David Levy yesterday, 3.9.97, met with his Canadian counterpart, Foreign Minister Lloyd Axeworthy. The meeting was held in a good and friendly atmosphere.

Foreign Minister Levy made it clear to his counterpart of the centrality of security for Israel which necessitates a struggle against terrorism’s infrastructure and its operators. Both agreed upon the need to fight against terrorism. After summarizing Israel’s easing of the closure on the territories, the two discussed additional ways of assisting the Palestinian population. Levy emphasized Israel’s obligation to promote comprehensive peace in the region and to reach an agreement with the Palestinians. He also spoke about the need for a peace agreement with Syria, while emphasizing that Syria must return to the discussion table.

They also discussed the issue of the Iranian threat and the real danger it represents to Israel because Iran exports extremist ideology, purchases missiles and aids terrorism in Lebanon. The two spoke about the international approach to Iran and the need to adopt positions which will force Iran to change its policies.

The two also addressed ways to strengthen bilateral dialogue between Canada and Israel, including the fight against terrorism, advancing humanitarian causes and Canada’s participation in the "People to People" (PTP) project.

Foreign Minister Axeworthy remarked that he believes in the importance of Israel’s 50th Anniversary and that Canada would like to participate in the various celebrations.

Levy invited Axeworthy to visit Israel, who not only responded positively but also ordered his aides to coordinate a time for the visit.