Foreign Ministry Response to Luxembourg Declaration

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
December 14, 1997

Israel views with the utmost gravity yesterday’s declaration by the heads of the European Union, which is notable for its lack of balance. This declaration was adopted at a time when Israel is in the midst of crucial deliberations towards the adoption of decisions of critical importance for the continuation of the peace process. This declaration utterly disregards these facts, as well as the recent progress in the negotiations with the Palestinians. The declaration contains elements which will only serve to place a strain on the successful conclusion of these negotiations.

In contrast to the constructive and objective approach of the United States, which is trying to help the parties move forward in the negotiations by bringing the sides closer together, the European approach is characterized by an attempt to interfere in the substance of the solutions, while adopting unbalanced positions. By adopting such an approach, Europe disqualifies itself from playing a positive role in the process.