Jerusalem, 20 February 1997


(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

In light of the current crisis in Bulgaria, Foreign Minister David Levy has instructed his Ministry to dispatch emergency aid to Sofia as soon as possible.

On Sunday, 23.2.97, about one ton of medical supplies will be sent as a humanitarian gesture to ease the current shortage of medicines in Bulgarian hospitals.

The aid is being funded by the Foreign Ministry and its contents were determined in coordination with the Ministry of Health and according to a detailed list received from the Bulgarian authorities.

Israel’s ambassador in Sofia, David Cohen, will receive the shipment and transfer it to the Bulgarian Red Cross, which will then distribute the medication to hospitals throughout the country.

The Foreign Ministry will, if possible, consider sending additional shipments in the near future, depending on developments in the area.

Israel hopes that the aid will ease the distress of Bulgarian people. The Jewish people are indebted to Bulgaria for its role in saving the Bulgarian Jewish community during the Holocaust.