Foreign Ministry Statement on Murder of Farid Bashiti

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
May 14, 1997

Israel is outraged by the murder of Farid Bashiti, a Palestinian real estate dealer, whose body was found in Ramallah, a city under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Council.

Bashiti, an Israeli citizen and a resident of Jerusalem, appears to have been lured or forcibly abducted from Jerusalem to Ramallah, where he was murdered in cold blood.

The statement attributed to Frieh Abu Medein, justifying and commending this criminal act is deplorable and does not befit one who ostensibly has been charged with the administration of justice by the Palestinian Council.

This murder should be viewed within the context of a recent Palestinian Council decision invoking the death penalty against anyone who sells land to Jews. This decision itself has no place within the current peace process wherein all of the parties are committed to work towards peace in an environment free of threats and intimidation.