Spring 1997-5757, Vol. 20, No. 2
ISSN 0334-3804

Editor: Shoshana Gabbay


Integrated Solid Waste Management
Sustainable Land and Open Space Development
"Eretz Hamakhteshim": Nature Conservation and Desert Tourism
Remote Sensing Support for Analysis of Coasts
Environmental Legislation
News in Brief
Inside the Ministry of the Environment
Cleanliness Campaign

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Mr. Rafael Eitan, Minister
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Dear Reader:

The Spring 1997 issue of Israel Environment Bulletin continues to focus on the sustainable development of this countrys rapidly disappearing open spaces, on the one hand, while providing an eclectic view of some recent developments in the fields of solid waste management, ecotourism, coastal management, legislation and cleanliness, on the other hand. Hopefully, the Spring of 1997 will long be remembered as a landmark in Israels environmental growth: approval of a revolutionary environmental law by the Knesset coupled with the launching of an aggressive anti-litter campaign promise to usher in a new era of improved environmental quality for all of Israels residents.