Winter 1997-5757, Vol. 20, No. 1
ISSN 0334-3804

Editor: Shoshana Gabbay


– Nature Conservation in Israel
– Escape from Megalopolis
– An Assessment of Open Spaces in Central Israel: The Biological Aspect
– Israel’s Genetic Heritage
– Human Activity and Wildlife Protection: Conflicts and Challenges
– Biodiversity and InvasionHow Resilient is the Levant Sea?
– Relations Between Biodiversity, Desertification and Climate Change

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Dear Reader:

This special issue of Israel Environment Bulletin is devoted to two interrelated issuespreservation of open space landscapes and conservation of biodiversity. While the papers presented in this special edition do not necessarily represent the views of the Ministry of the Environment, they aim to present a small sampling of the work currently being undertaken in Israel in this crucial area. Lack of space has precluded the inclusion of other important papers, including a recent proposal for a national policy on the integration of development and open space preservation and the strategy proposed by the Israel 2020 master plan team for preserving open spaces. These will be presented in future issues of the Bulletin. Yet what emerges already from these papers is indisputable: open space conservation in Israel is a prerequisite for nature conservation. The natural and historic landscapes of this country its unique heritage must not be allowed to disappear.