(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman) March 19, 1997

By instruction of the Foreign Ministry’s Director-General, Brazil’s ambassador to Israel was summoned to the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem today (Wednesday), 19.3.97, in order to receive a sharp protest over the possibility that the Brazilian Foreign Minister may meet with Lamia Maruf.

The fact that the Brazilian Foreign Minister is even considering inviting the former prisoner, who was involved in the murder of an Israeli soldier, arouses consternation and the most determined reservation.

Maruf was released along with other female Palestinian prisoners, as part of the agreement with the Palestinian Authority, and not because of anything having to do with her behavior.

These days, when great effort is being made to prevent violence, such an invitation would be a slap in the face to those who are pursuing the peace process, and would be a reward for the murderer. Such an invitation is unacceptable to the Israeli government and public opinion in Israel.