Israeli Military Activity in Southern Lebanon

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
August 6, 1997

In response to a statement by an official spokesman in Paris regarding the Israeli military activity in southern Lebanon, the MFA Spokesman wishes to emphasize that such military activity is directed solely against the Hizbullah terrorist organization. Such IDF activity constitutes legitimate self-defense against Hizbullah attacks.

Hizbullah operates deliberately from within civilian areas, with the knowledge that, in so doing, it is placing the lives and well-being of the citizens of southern Lebanon in jeopardy. Israel’s policy is not to cause any harm to civilians, and the IDF makes every effort to ensure this.

We regret that the spokesman in question was less quick to publicly censure the calculated terrorist activity of Hizbullah, aimed at harming both Israelis and Lebanese civilians. The parallel which the spokesman drew between the heinous terrorist bombing in Jerusalem and the events in southern Lebanon is grave and offensive.