Meeting of the Aqaba/Eilat Commission

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
October 27, 1997

The Aqaba/Eilat Commission met today (October 27) on the third anniversary of the peace treaty with Jordan.

Recalling the treaty, the Chairman of the Jordanian Commission, Dr. Fayez Hasawna opened by declaring Jordan’s commitment to the peace process, with the blessing and patronage of the king.

In the Jordanian view, peace with Israel is a long-term strategic goal and the building of peace is also for future generations.

Among the topics discussed at the meeting were:

  • Establishing a sea and land rescue plan;
  • Sponsoring a joint sea project which would include ecologically preserving the Eilat/Aqaba Gulf;
  • Handling sewage purification and mosquito and other insect eradication
  • Cooperation in encouraging commerce between Eilat and Aqaba;
  • Cooperation in the areas of sports and culture, such as joint sailing contests and bicycle races.