Jerusalem, 5 September 1997


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

The Ministerial Committee on Security Affairs issued the following statement today (Friday), 5.9.97:

"1. Israel will act against the terrorist organizations and their infrastructure to ensure the security of its citizens and their right to self-defense.

2. The Palestinian Authority has failed to fulfill its main commitment under the Oslo Agreement: to fight the terrorist organizations and their infrastructure. Israel once again demands that the Palestinian Authority keep all its commitments under the agreement.

3. Israel cannot continue on a path which would grant the Palestinian Authority additional territory while the PA fails to fulfill all its obligations, primarily its commitment to fight terrorism in the territories already under its control.

4. The political effort should now be directed to accelerate negotiations on the fundamental issues, with the aim of reaching a permanent settlement between Israel and the Palestinians that would provide, among other things, for durable security arrangements.