(Communicated by Cabinet Secretariat) March 23, 1997

The following statement was issued by the Ministers’ Committee for National Security, which met yesterday (Sunday), 23.3.97:

1. The Ministers’ Committee heard a report on how terror organizations understood from the Palestinian Authority that there is a "green light" to carry out terror attacks.

2. The Ministers’ Committee on National Security heard reports on the measures adopted by the security establishment against terror.

3. The Government of Israel demands that the Palestinian Authority fulfill its commitments to fight terrorism and violence, as a necessary step to advance the political process and first of all:

A) Strengthening security cooperation.

B) Preventing incitement and hostile propaganda against Israel.

C) Combat systematically and effectively terrorist organizations and infrastructure.

D) Apprehension, prosecution, and punishment of terrorists.

E) Acting upon requests for transfer of suspects and defendants in accordance with the Interim Agreement.

F) Confiscation of illegal weapons.