Statement by FM Levy: Three Years Since the AMIA Bombing (Buenos Aires)

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
July 18, 1997

Today, July 18, 1997 marks three years since the terrorist attack against the building of the Jewish community in Buenos Aires, AMIA, in which 86 were killed and hundreds injured – both Jewish and non-Jewish Argentinian citizens.

On this day, we honor the memory of the innocent victims and express our solidarity with the Jewish community in Argentina and with the families of the dead and injured.

We note with concern that more than five years have passed since the attack on the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires and three years since the AMIA attack – and the murderers have yet to be found.

We call upon the Argentinian authorities to intensity their investigation efforts and hope that these efforts will bring results, and that those responsible for these abhorrent assaults will receive their due punishment.

From the international community, we expect a denunciation of international terrorism and of the states and organizations which accord them backing and patronage, and an intensification of the struggle against those states and organizations which support terrorism directed indiscriminately against innocent victims. We call for greater international cooperation in annihilating the plague of terrorism.