World Leaders to Light First Hanukkah Candle Honoring Israel’s 50th Anniversary

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
December 23, 1997

In one of the special and prominent 50th anniversary projects undertaken by the Foreign Ministry, the leaders of various countries will on Tuesday, 23.12.97 light the first Hanukkah candle. As a result of efforts by the Foreign Ministry and Israel’s embassies abroad, some 33 leaders throughout the world will light the Hanukkah candle and congratulate Israel on its jubilee. Among the leaders are US President Bill Clinton, who will light a Hanukkah candle in the White House together with pupils from a Jewish school; the Prime Minister of Great Britain; the President of Germany; the Prime Minister of France; the Prime Minister of Austria; the Prime Minister of Thailand; President of Georgia; and the President of Italy, who will light the Hanukkah candle under the Arch of Titus, and many more. The full list is as follows:

1. Presidents: United States, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Costa Rica, Slovenia, Cyprus, Ireland, Georgia, Finland, Uruguay, Ecuador, Latvia, Moldova, Bolivia, Kyrgyzstan, the Dominican Republic, and Macedonia.

2. Prime Ministers: Great Britain, Canada, France, Bulgaria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, the Netherlands, Romania, and Italy (in addition to the president).

3. Other leaders: New Zealand – the Maori Queen; Myanmar – foreign minister; Germany/Berlin – mayor (also the local prime minister); Uruguay – vice president, president of the house of representatives (in addition to the president); Romania – foreign minister, president of the senate (in addition to the prime minister); Austria – deputy chancellor, foreign minister; Bolivia – foreign minister (in addition to the president); Holy See – foreign minister and representative of the Pope; Czech Republic – chairman of the senate; Sweden – most senior minister; Philippines – foreign minister; Russia – minister of culture; Belarus – foreign minister; Italy – deputy prime minister, minister of culture; Korea – only woman minister, deputy foreign minister.