Jerusalem, 1 June 1998


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At the weekly cabinet meeting today (Monday), 1.6.98:

1. The Prime Minister said, at the start of the meeting, that the India-Pakistan issue underscores the danger to regional and world stability which would result if regimes such as Iran or Iraq should acquire nuclear weapons.

2. The Prime Minister briefed the cabinet on his visit to China and Uzbekistan, saying that the Chinese are particularly interested in agriculture and technology.

3. The cabinet approved the development plan for the mixed towns and villages in the Druze and Circassian sector, including Shfaram and Rama

(the Druze neighborhoods in these communities), Rihaniya and Ein al-Assad

(in the Merom HaGalil Regional Council).

4. The cabinet was briefed on the situation of agricultural research and its contribution to agriculture in Israel. The cabinet established a ministerial committee to examine the issue of agricultural research and development and its contribution to Israeli exports.